Dear Everyone,

A month ago, I was happy to have all the freedom to do all those things I wanted to do for a while: systematically cleaning closets, drawers,  simplifying, minimizing everything …

Then, two weeks into the pandemic, I wanted to quickly get my courses online. I designed the GIFTS™ learning programs four years ago, specifically for the great global transformation. However, I was overwhelmed and definitely not ready to do my webinars.

As shifts are happening on the personal, professional, organizational/family societal and global levels, all at the same time, the feeling of overwhelm and emotional roller coasters are normal.

When you take time to clean your closets, drawers, house and yard, you realize what no longer supports you. You let go of the old and embrace the new. Easier said than done!

You are in between the old ways of thinking, living and working and the new ways that are emerging.

But you still want to be productive, somehow, right?

How can you be productive now, when everything is changing so fast?

You might have designed several productivity plans for yourself during this time of isolation and maybe you could stick to your plan and schedule? Maybe not!?

In my online conversations about what truly matters, many of us could not keep up with the fast changes or being in control of our daily schedules. Accept the roller coaster rides and accept that your daily routine is out the window. But how to you get to the point of acceptance?

I remind myself of the stages of letting go: the shock, the why me, the bargaining in my head, the what ifs… till I finally accept things as they are.

If you pay attention to your emotions as they surface, respect them, name them, release them and allow the forces of change to transmute the roller coaster ride to a state of surrender to what IS.

Prayers, meditation, contemplation, mindfulness all help. Nurture yourself, beautify your surroundings, listen to uplifting podcasts, meditate and focus on the next best thing that’s coming. Be open and receptive to all the new life affirming experiences that are coming your way. Right now, it is not about being efficient and productive, but being open to new possibilities for your and for the greater good. Allow the forces of change to work through you, through your emotions while you are in the chrysalis state of emergence.

The more open you are to accepting what is, the faster you emerge from the cocoon stage to a beautiful butterfly. Then, you will attract soulful connections, people who care about what you care about and manifest your beautiful workplaces and your healthy, new lifestyle.

For me, the next best thing that is happening now is the Women Heart2Heart global online community that is uplifting and energizing. Please click here to see what they say.

Please join us as we take our next steps together for a greater future for all of us.

I will be hosting a series of conversations on this platform “The Oak and the Willow” from May 13th –June 10th  Every Wednesday at 9 am AST.

I look forward to seeing you there and co-create the future we all want.