Dear Ones,

Spring has finally sprung in Atlantic Canada!

As nature transitions into new life, we (being part of nature) are also taking steps in renewing, revitalizing our work and all aspects of our lives. This is a very special time, indeed, to pay attention to every moment and to tune into our own life and work cycles.

As you clean the last remnants of last year's dead leaves and branches in your garden, or doing your spring cleaning in your home, your closet, your accumulated information on your computer, you make room for new life and new growth. If you do not do this cleaning, it simply accumulates and it slows down or hinders your progress.

After cleaning, pay more attention to what uplifts you, what is healthy? What is truly meaningful for you?


Stick to your goals and commitments that you made at the beginning of this year. Stay focused, surround yourself with encouraging, positive people and practice self care. Don’t get lost in too many projects or figuring out the perfect work and life plan. Put in your effort for sure, but also allow life and work to unfold. Enjoy the sunshine, the physical activities outdoors while you take steps towards what you want to achieve this year.

With balanced doing and being you will will ride the waves of change and you will succeed!

Over the years many university students have asked me to design a course that can best help them find employment that have meaning for them (not just a job!) use their talents and expand their minds.

Finally, the upcoming 3 evening workshop is for them.

It is possibly the best course throughout the lifespan of career and personal life changes and challenges!


Because participants will be clear on their

• Compelling Future

• Values

• Purpose

• Goals

• Balance

• Process

and use these skills-based workshops as their guide posts in their developmental processes. 

It is an intense and highly co-creative leadership development learning experience.

Please register here


Halifax, Dalhousie University Shirreff Hall


May 14 (Tuesday)  15 (Wednesday) 16 (Thursday)

 6 p.m.-9 p.m.

Take advantage of this early bird special now!


If you are an established professional who mentors students and young professionals, you can sponsor them by registering them here.

Together, we will develop a strategic action plan for a TRULY SATISFYING WORK AND LIFE.

Warm regards,