About GIFTS™

Global – Innovative – Focused – Talent – Services

The GIFTS™ acronym stands for the five competencies necessary for leaders of the 21st Century.

The ability to connect with people of all cultures and ages in a meaningful way and to respond to their needs and motivations are key competencies for today’s global leaders.

The ability to host conversations in enabling environments around issues that truly matter, is a leadership skill that allows change-makers to collaborate and apply their skills in the practice of change initiatives at the edge of what is known.

A leadership skill that is single-minded on creating something desired as a result of practicing deep listening and paying focused attention to what is emerging.

A combination of cognitive and intuitive skill sets, coupled with courage and perseverance to act wisely in face of all challenges are necessary to bring the best and most out of the self and that of an organization and community.

Our purposeful services include the combination of talent, leadership, innovative and collaborative capacities towards the service and uplifting of humanity and a sustainable planet.

“This brings us full circle to the responsibility of servant-leaders to discover and serve their own destiny and that of their organizations…It opens us to a world of possibilities, a world of predictable miracles and synchronous events, a world in which we can create the future into which we are living”. (Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership)

The call to service, making a difference with our lives leads to trust and collaboration. The impact of collaborative efforts outweigh any singular attempt of creating something new. By embarking on a learning journey together we gain a sense of how the future is unfolding while all voices are heard and all actions are adjusted towards serving a common purpose.