As human potential strategist, teacher and change maker (B.A.Hons. B.Ed. M.A.T.) with a passion for lifelong learning, I combine various disciplines to enable the effective emergence of innovative solutions and their practical implementations into business and organizational development.

I have worked in both the private and public sectors in N.S. Canada for over 30 years with constantly expanding global networks.

It is my greatest joy to inspire and empower people to reach their highest potential in several languages.

I strategically designed The GIFTS™ Leadership and Innovation Learning Journeys to respond to the greatest challenges of our times.


My professional skills have been continuously developing over 30 years in teaching, coaching, designing and facilitating purposeful learning programs to bring the best and most out of people and organizations throughout their lifetime of change and development.

I am committed to excellence, integrity and life-long learning while delivering distinctive results.

GIFTS™ learning journeys respond to the disruptive change of our times to provide leaders, innovators, change makers a set of methods and tools that allow them to lead with their highest vision, purpose, intention and empowerment in order to generate change that is systemic, collective at the same time activating their deeper innovative and entrepreneurial capacities.