Global Innovative Focused Talent Services

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As I reflect not only of the last year, but the last four years of my work and the unprecedented global changes influencing all sectors, businesses, organizations, families, individuals, I decided to redesign my workshops.

There is a growing need to go through the GIFTS™ workshops as fast and as comprehensively as possible for personal and professional success.

Over the last year, I rebuilt my website so that it better reflects these changes. Many thanks go to Dr. Srini Sampalli, Saurabh Dey and Srishti Jaiswal (Dalhousie University). Their expert guidance, effort and unconditional support believing in my work have given me the inspiration once again to continue with my work: bringing the best and most out of people to LEARN LEAD LIVE at the innovative and sustainable edge of change.


As our lives are speeding up with all the technological advances, my Global Leadership and Innovation workshop presented at the professional development summit for IT professionals of Atlantic Canada Click here for details

and to business leaders at the Leadership Summit at the Halifax Chamber of Commerce , The GIFTS™workshops became highly sought after.

Now, I'm pleased to announce the latest most condensed version of the GIFTS™ workshops.  It is designed specifically for those who want to act fast in face of the tremendous global transformation,  innovative thinkers, who want to make things happen and move forward the most practical, positive and holistic way with their personal and/or professional life challenges.


The shortest version of GIFTS™ Leadership and Innovation Training is offered now at Dalhousie University, Shirreff Hall, Wednesday Evenings, November 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th 2017

5 pm - 9 pm.


Space is limited. There is a small number of scholarships available. Please inquire through email.


Global Innovative Focused Talent Services (GIFTS™) is a skills based leadership and innovation training program. It is participatory and leverages cultural diversity, people’s innate gifts and talents, creative intelligences and transformative leadership capacities to innovate, awaken a healthier, happier, more productive and sustainable personal and professional development.


The 5- evening learning journey sustain positive systemic changes that fuel the passion for innovation, feeding learning and professional development needs, meeting the ongoing demands of life, work, meaningfully engaging people from all cultures and disciplines and forwarding their action on issues of significance.


• The course material can be used again and again for personal and professional development     throughout a lifetime.

• Inspiration and catalyst for purposeful action.

• Accelerated learning framework towards sustainable relational practices, deep listening skills, emotional and relational intelligence.

• Sustainable self-management and leadership practices.

• Meaningful, holistic, multi-disciplinary, collaborative engagement.

• Co-creating, prototyping innovative solutions for the transformational change.

• Definitely moving forward in YOUR personal and professional life, in your talent development and LIFE SUCCESS!



There must be a dream that we pursue, a dream that is bigger than all of us!

What is the dream that’s bigger than ourselves and our organizations?

What can we do together that we could not do alone? May we begin now?


EARLY REGISTRATION: by October 20, 2017.


REGULAR REGISTRATION: from October 20-on if space is available.


A limited number of scholarships are available. Please inquire at

Low cost, high impact, strategic for your talents and design of your future precisely the way you would like it.

Look forward to co-creating YOUR future and life success!