Dear Everyone,

Wow! What a year of deep transformations on all levels for each one of us! I have been silent for a while, as I renovated my home and workplace and returned to school to teach French on a full-time basis. 

Now, after renovations and retiring once again from school, I am simplifying my life and rebuilding a healthy, balanced life-style, making sure that every day I do something beneficial for the body, something stimulating for the mind and doing my spiritual practices.

It took me a couple of months to figure out how to schedule my daily practices and how to contribute my gifts.

Every day, I start the day with affirmations, meditation, followed by a healthy breakfast and my coffee chat with my elderly mama overseas. Then, I go for a swim, bike or do some outdoor physical activity to have a clear mind to be able to focus on the daily tasks of mental work. My morning routine sets a positive tone for the rest of the day.

However, no matter how many years of mind training and spiritual practices I have been doing, living, working, being in the moment with full awareness have been challenging. I know very well the process of letting go, pulling through the eye of the needle and stepping into the new, the unknown fearlessly.  But this time, the changes and challenges came fast and furious.

While the Women H2H online community has been a wonderful part of my life, (I highly recommend to check it out!) I crave the physical presence of people around me. All the positive affirmations I keep chanting in my head such as “I am strong, courageous and worthy of all good things”, ”I release the past”, “I am happy, healthy, vivacious” “I am aware of my desires and I pursue them”, - are simply not enough. I wish to have like-minded people around me. People, who are willing to learn and grow and support each other on their journeys.

I just came back from my second "Espacio" day at the Barat Spirituality Center, feeling inspired to host similar retreats and learning events.

“What truly matters to you today?” RETREAT

• Personal/professional stories

• Purpose

• Mindfulness/Meditation/Contemplation

• Reality check

• Accountability partnering 


• WHEN:    Monday morning, March 22, from 9 a.m.-12 p.m.       Wednesday evening, March 24th from 5 p.m.-8 p.m. (same program, different times)


Sole to Soul

"On long walks in solitude we meet ourselves." Noel Davis

We will inspire and empower each other to take the next positive steps in our own lives.

There will be refreshments. Feel free to bring something to share if you wish. These are learning events by donation and in person, limited to 10 socially distancing people. Also, feel free to send it out in your circles.

Thank you. For more information and registration,

Please call, text 902-488-6119 or email: