Dear Everyone,

After a couple of months of fast systemic changes, brilliant influencers, entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, healers, speakers, transformational coaches and change leaders, ignited the next wave of conscious leadership by predicting the new normal at last week’s summer solstice.

We are NOT going back to normal, because the normal was NOT normal.

We simply bought into it! That normal is characterized by greed, exhaustion, depletion, disappointments that lead to a totally unsustainable way of life on Earth.

We are NOT going back to that normal because the normal was without a heart!

To respond to the greatest challenges of our time and to respond to the desires of the heart, the GIFTS™ skills based leadership and transformation learning lab will be online starting July 20th, once a week for 5 weeks: July 27, Aug 3, 10, 17. At 12 pm AST.

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THE GIFTS™ Learning Journey

The GIFTS™ leadership skills development is based on 30 years of personal and professional development, launched in 2014 after MIT/Presencing Institute and GIZ global leadership responsibility learning labs.

The learning journey is about profound innovation, bridging the gap between the future we all want and where we are today, while transforming business, society and ourselves.

The learning lab leverages cultural diversity, people’s innate gifts and talents, creative intelligence to innovate, co-create, awaken healthier, happier, more productive and sustainable work and life while acting on issues of significance.

This IS the time I have been dreaming about! A time of paradigm shift.

Let's use this time wisely! Let this be the time of deep personal and collective breakthrough as we birth a new world, health, prosperity, with awareness and respect.

You have been made for these times!

What is your dream that’s bigger than you and your organization?

Pursuing that dream is a transformational process, a learning journey through the unknown resulting in new, fresh discoveries and innovations.

It results in higher levels of consciousness and new ways of working, living and shaping the world.

Today, we are all called to this service: to create a better world for all of us and for the future generations.

What can we do together that we could not do alone? May we begin now?

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