Dear Ones,

Huge waves of change are washing over the world, our communities, organizations, families and all of us. There is a lot to integrate on all these levels, as we try to calm the chaos and create heartfelt connections, respecting human nature with all our fears and vulnerabilities.

Most people, businesses, organizations are busy trying to go back to work and live life as it was before covid-19.

Many of us change whisperers want to respond rather than react.

We do not want to react quickly and go back to the old ways, but deliberately create a new life, better ways of living, working and not repeating history.

How do we offer our leadership in these uncertain times?

We must learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable and work generatively with our feelings, fears as we slowly co-create our new reality.

Let there be space for not knowing if we are going stand up straight or fall on our faces. One thing is sure: this time in human history is the beginning of a great adventure.

These are soul-surfing experiences that require our whole being.

Riding the waves of change today reminds me of one of my adventures at the North Shores of Oahu, Waimea Bay, where the pros ride the surfs and the inexperienced (like myself) get twisted and tumbled, spun around and thrown ashore gasping for air, thinking this is the end!

Even for those, who have been consciously preparing for this tidal wave of global transformation, it is tough.

This is an inner and outer journey and we are at a threshold. We naturally want to get into action and fix things quickly, but if we can just slowly lean into what is emerging and sensing the new possibilities in alignment with our purpose, we can create a better world.

What is the world you are leaving and what is the world you are leaning into? What is dying and what is being born in your life? And how is your heart holding out? Are you available emotionally or shutting down? Are you willing to even acknowledge to yourself how you feel? Do you have a supportive people with whom you can share your greatest fears and concerns?

To further explore these questions, I invite you to join me next week for our "Oak and Willow" conversations about what truly matters in your life now, as well as to our two day (June 20, 21) event predicting the new normal on the future of work, our lives and our transformations.

 I look forward to seeing you there.