Dear All,

It is Easter today.

Please find my reflection here, after last night’s vigil and today's walk.

We are in a place of pause.

The pose allows us to each examine our own pain, conscience, our own human needs and desires, what is uplifting, what is good and what we no longer want in our lives. We have the time now to reflect on our aspirations, values, paradoxes and polarities.

What happens during the pause?

Two things:

• People are either try to get back to what life was before the grand pause, or

• Imagine what could possibly be in the future.

Some of us are busy finding new ways to do meaningful work and reflecting on “How to help people to be conscious of their choices" (thoughts and actions)?

Myself, I took over the organizer’s role of the "Halifax Women Business Owners Leadership Master Mind” https://www.meetup.com/Halifax-Women-Business-Owners-Leadership-Mastermind/

I hold conversations online about what truly matters, helping the community to rebuild itself and trying to make sense of our current situation. At the same time, I became one of the founders of “Women Heart2Heart online global community. https://www.womenh2h.com/ 

We embark on a journey together to learn to thrive on change. We are on a mission to get better at leading the change and solving our challenges  individually and collectively, as we transform ourselves.

My learning curve is hitting the roof as I’m learning how to teach/facilitate my signature GIFTS™ transformational leadership and innovation learning program online.

I admit, I am overwhelmed sometimes, but this is what I have been preparing for all my life. I must take every step slowly, consciously and in a balanced way.


When we are faced with multiple complexities, we must hold the many tensions that are present in our lives and in the world. We cannot only focus on our own survival or our own family’s or organization’s well-being. In our interconnected world, the challenges, questions and opportunities to make a difference both locally and globally are all in focus today.

Naturally, it all begins with individual self-reflection and acting differently than yesterday. Our thoughts must switch to a more beneficial paradigm while working on our personal and organizational transformation and honing our practical implementation skills.

The world needs more leaders, young and old, in all areas of life: those who are willing to be the lighthouses and able to step into the unknown, guided by faith, hope, and love, trusting higher wisdom to create the new, better world as it emerges.

None of us knows what the future will be like.

But together, if we are willing to open our hearts, heads and hands, we will create a better future for our children, grandchildren and future generations to come.

And that begins with conversations today: daring to look in each other’s eyes and heart and hear what the other needs to say, humbly accepting our own responsibilities towards each other…

Hiding in the holy grail of work, business as usual, taking no time for conversations about what truly matters, is no longer is an option.

I look forward to hearing from you and responding to your and your organization’s change, transformation, leadership and innovation needs.

Please contact: info@katalinallen.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katalinallen/

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/katalin.allen   and https://www.facebook.com/KATALINALLENINC/

With warm regards,