It is September. Back to work, back to school, back to buckling down and finishing our projects before the year is over so that we can start 2020 with envisioning the future and setting new goals again.

However, storms could hit us unexpectedly.

I kept deleting all notifications of "Weather Live" about hurricane Dorian about a week before it hit us. I was thinking "not in our part of the world"...

As I catch my breath and let go of my high intensity fears once Dorian swept through Nova Scotia, I cannot help but notice my own ignorance. I was too caught up in my own minor challenges and Dorian surely put everything into perspective. It made made me see the many levels and complexities of our interconnectedness on this planet Earth.

We are all experiencing high intensity, volotile and complex challenges that are shaping our world and our personal and professional lives today. The most important influences seem to be

•    Environmental

•    Globalization and mobility

•    Millennials changing demographics

•    New behaviors

•    Technological issues.

Every aspect of business, organizational and personal development has been changing faster and with greater complexities than ever before.This is forcing individuals and organizations to rethink and re-imagine the way we live and work together.

Many of us no longer go to a place where we work, but carry the work with us wherever we go.

While technology is important, let’s not get lost in it in hopes to solve our challenges.

The most important changes and breakthroughs in solving any individual or organizational or environmental challenges will occur in people’s mindsets, not in technology. IT IS A GOOD IDEA TO PLAN AHEAD, bring your people together in training or coaching sessions, have conversations about the most important issues, listen and purposefully respond to the challenges. Do not wait till some form of storm hits your business or organization.

I truly enjoy designing training sessions, coaching and facilitating learning programs where people's minds open up, inquire and light up once they dare to see more holistic solutions to their problems.

It is especially heartwarming to experience both young people and established professionals come together to learn from each other. I see major shifts in mindsets.

If you and your organization is ready to lead the change, plan for the future and transformational processes, attract and keep the best talents, I would be pleased to design learning programs that will bring the best and most out of them. Please contact


No matter how many storms will still hit us or how often, we are all working towards fulfilling lives. And what makes a life fulfilling?

• the quality of our relationships

• our spiritual, mental, physical health and

• the execution of meaningful, passionate, strength- and growth-oriented tasks.

Even at times of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) and unpredictable, rapid-changing situations, we will fair well if we have quality relationships, solid people to support us, take care of our own mental and physical health and we have work we are passionate about.

Beside organizational leadership and change strategies, I work with high achieving junior high and high school students who are ready to tap into all their intelligences. They are creative thinkers, problem solvers, using their soft intelligences and executive functions based on wisdom and responsibility. They want to contribute to social capital and making a better world. When I see these young global leaders putting forth all they got and braving the winds of change, I am hopeful and I am the happiest to transfer everything I got to make their dreams come true on every level: personal, organizational, societal and global.

Registration for the next junior high and high school leadership program in Halifax is on now. Please click here. For more information please contact


I look forward to hearing from you.

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Thank you and cheers to your transformational success!