Dear All,

With the change of the seasons, it is a good time to check in with ourselves to see if we have achieved our goals we set out at the beginning of this year.

Most of us have had sudden, quick changes during the year, our plans have shifted because of the immediate fires we needed to put out.  

As more and more people are experiencing upheavals on all levels, conflicts between ourselves and what the old system wants from us, is great. We are strained, our relationships are strained, our responsibilities are greater and more complexities seem to come out of the blue. What to do? How to move forward?

In times of complexities, if we take things slowly, carefully and deliberately to create the next best steps, we can deal with complexities or unexpected jolts effectively.

Fast changes can easily overwhelm us. It is a good idea to take time out to contemplate and make sense of the situation. That’s when we can carefully examine the influences in our lives. To discern and choose what’s beneficial and truly important, takes time and to be alone without any distractions.


In our quiet reflection, we can tap into the feeling of wellness and fullness. With child-like amazement, we can enjoy the purpose of it all and delight in the dramas of life!

Easier said than done!

But if we are going to get loneliness of the inner work bother us, then we continue to operate under the rules of the old mindset. There is a difference between loneliness and being alone. It is crucial to be alone to reflect on our lives, our behaviors, our thinking. We cannot solve today's complex challenges with the old ways of thinking and doing business.Thinking and  acting holistically and co-creatively works.

As you, change leaders want to help the system heal, create new eco-friendly products and services, first you heal your own feeling of separateness by aligning your body, mind and soul, then integrate that into your relationships at home and at work. It is the very best and most you can do for the world and for the environment.

It starts with you, being fully honest with yourself. Develop bigger minds and equip yourself with new skill-sets to relate to each other with an open mind and heart. Then, with other change leaders, you can harness each other’s talents, put aside self-interests and create something greater than you can do alone.


As you quietly examine your own thoughts and feelings, with practice, you begin to see that you are not alone but inter-connected on many levels: personal, professional, organizational, societal and global. This personal practice of reflection and integration of your nuggets of wisdom into your every day life, have a powerful positive impact on the whole.

Imagine when two or more get together and have meaningful conversations about issues that matter to each, we can create a thriving world!

Do not hesitate to reach out for individual, group coaching and healing journeys to Hawaii and Hungary for the greatest positive impact in your life in the new year.

I wish you well on your journey and finish the year on a high note!

Cheers to your success.