In face of the extreme heat during the summer months, social, political turmoil throughout the world, permafrost thawing decades faster than expected…some of us sit comfortably in our air-conditioned cocoons, while others protest, confront the often unbearable status quo and often burnout.- all for a good cause of course, standing up for some ideal they really believe in.

To avoid burnout, despair, disbelief and disenchantment, cultivating self-care, in face of despair that we cannot do anything about this “crazy” world we live in, there is always something we can do. Such as early morning swimming or gardening...

Instead of becoming entangled in the pain of cynicism or self-indulgence, avoiding to face reality that exists in the world, you can face your own fears, sufferings and transform them into self-care and compassion.

In fact, only then, you can help to change the world. That’s genuine help. Trying to change the world first, does not work. You must make the changes within yourself and in your own life first. Only then, you can be authentic and be the change leader.

This may be, that you look into your heritage, where you came from, on what to build the next phase of your life?

I challenge you to dare to listen to your own inner wisdom without self-denigration, without running away from feedback. You are good enough. You are already a change leader, but pay attention to personal growth while working on professional development. It’s all about doing and being, like the ebb and flow of the ocean. In and out, in a balanced way…

The purpose of the GIFTS™ individual life/executive coaching and group training programs is to help you and your organization tap into greater balance, self care while forging a path of healthy change leadership and management practices, as well as socially and environmentally responsible actions that build stronger individuals, organizations and communities.

Do not hesitate to reach out and to learn what is the best option for growth and development for you and your organization.