Dear Ones,

Amid the swirling tides of change, the solution for rejuvenation in a company or organization isn’t to train or recruit millennials to fit a longstanding organizational mold. Rather, the solution is to leverage millennials’ unique priorities, perspectives, and purposes to transform your company‘s culture.


They are the next generation of leaders!

They prioritize collaboration, purpose, balance, wellness and other key holistic values.

These are elements of the "New Leadership Paradigm" that can help you build a culture that challenges millennials in the right way, not trying to make them fit an old mold.

In this 3 evening workshop, these change leaders, tap into their potential, empower each other with new skills, tips, tools and techniques as they build high-performance innovative workplaces.

How receptive is your organization to out-of-the-box ideas?

Young people could help your organization to break free from old worldviews, embrace diverse perspectives and move your organization to the next level of development.

If you would like to sponsor a student or send your young professionals to this participatory learning journey on design thinking, leadership and innovation, please register them here.

As millennials account for a larger and larger share of the labor market in the coming years, they spur innovation and create a pipeline for the next generation of leaders. By prioritizing purpose along with profits, millennials can help your organization to boost productivity,  satisfaction, engagement, recruitment, and retention. Millennials are already leading workplace transformation. This 3 evening course will help them to transform your company culture for the better.

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I look forward to seeing you there! It's the best 3-evening course ever!