WELCOME to my 2019 winter newsletter!

I began 2019 with great enthusiasm about people and organizational development. Why?

Because of the people and organizations I met at the Integral European Conference and at the Meaning Conference last year.

The unprecedented fast global changes that are influencing all of us, all sectors, businesses, organizations and families, bring people together to help each other to lead the change in a very practical and uplifting way.

There is a growing need to simplify our lives, our workplaces, the way we live, work and enjoy personal and professional success.

With meaning, of course.

The quest for meaningful work, life balance, pushing the envelope for extraordinary high performance in a holistic way were topics of high attendance at both these conferences.

We had conscious business people presenting their entre/intrapreneurial successes, holistic health and educational initiatives, IT technologies and many more developmental projects, promising to change the world for a better place. Indeed, they are doing that! The feeling of the spirit in an enterprise and creating things and services that truly matter to people could not be ignored at these learning events. We were all inspired to take the next courageous steps in our development personally and professionally.




Following the conferences, I spent the entire month of December 2018 writing. I gave myself one month to synthesize my thirty years of meaningful work/life learning into a tiny book to inspire the young and young at heart people to lead the change. Now, the publishing challenge awaits.


While learning about the publishing process, I continue with my teaching at the Halifax Grammar School and at Sacred Heart School in Halifax. I'm honored to play an inspirational role in the students' learning and helping them to achieve not only academic success but to bring the best and most out of them as human beings.

I also enjoy coaching young entrepreneurs and students who are ready to take on the world!  I help high-achieving professionals, executives who have so much going on in establishing and growing their careers and families to make a conscious effort to enjoy a happy lifestyle, despite their busy schedules exchanging time for money or valuing time over money.

I recently added generations3 coaching into my repertoire of coaching. This activity brings together three generations. This service helps small business owners to have meaningful conversations about how to leave a legacy for the next generations.

In the area of organizational development/training and consulting, my aim is to help businesses to strategically manage the change and to fully use their internal talents to transform their organization, innovate and lead the change.

You can reserve your coaching and training sessions by clicking on the highlighted links.

For more information on these services, please contact: info@katalinallen.com

Looking ahead for the rest of this year, I am planning to host a 2-3 day women's retreat in Nova Scotia at the end of May and a 5 day retreat in the winter at the largest medicinal spa in Hungary.

For details on these retreats and learning journeys, please contact: info@katalinallen.com


I look forward to your feedback, hearing from you and work with you individually and collectively.

What is your biggest challenge right now?

What would you like to achieve?

I help you to bring the best and most out of you and your organization!

Warm regards,