Sharalyn Young & Glenn Saunders, IPMA Canada

Katalin is an experienced educator, human potential strategist and entrepreneur who has worked with global leaders helping them develop their skills and competencies as responsible change leaders.  Katalin was extremely professional in both her personality and her delivery of the subject matter. She is very committed and passionate in this area and without question, this commitment and passion was clearly evident in her presentation to the group. Katalin's global knowledge and experience comes through in her engaging presentation. She is very passionate about her perspective on leadership and leaves her audience with much to think about and reflect upon.      

Kristina Creamer

I have had the privilege to take one of Katalin’s workshops as well as being one of her life-coaching clients. All throughout our professional interactions, she has demonstrated an amazing understanding of adult learning needs. She possesses exceptional multi-disciplinary facilitation skills.  During our workshop, she was quick to recognize both individual and group requirements. Her flexibility as a teacher/facilitator to respond to the “present moment” requirement without compromising the objectives of the training was remarkable. As a university professor, I can certainly attest to this. We, each felt that our individual needs were met while she held the group’s agenda to an uplifting finish.

Her ability to motivate and inspire to reach for our very best is admirable. No matter what situation she is in, she will always uplift others around her. Her genuine concern for the individual and group’s needs, her flexibility to allow the different cultural understandings to emerge and to benefit from are skills that all organizational development consultants and management/ leadership development facilitators should possess!

Pauline E. Blades

The GIFTS™ Leadership workshop I attended was well organized, on time, flowed effortlessly and engaged the body, mind and spirit! Katalin’s manner of training was gentle and sensitive, provided thought-provoking conversations toward powerful positive solutions about issues that truly matter.

John Townsend

Katalin’s vast accumulation of life coaching and holistic life-style experiences, guidance and radiant personality helped me and many people to put their challenges in their clearest and highest perspective. She reflected these perspectives back with highly practical insights and inspiration on how best to manifest and realize whatever life goals we are seeking to grow into and learn from.

Julianna Karlsen

The learning space and facilitation of the GIFTS™ leadership training was clear, calming and very generous.

Sian E. Isles

Katalin, you are one of those who truly understands the life of the soul and the connections we all have with each other in this world. Your wisdom and experience have made my path less difficult and your vitality and optimism have kept me going when things were bleak. You have enriched my life tremendously.

Brenda Urquhart

Dear Katalin,

Knowing that I have you for sound support and advice is such a blessing. I cannot think of anyone who cares more about helping others than you do!

We are all born with the potential to get what we really want from life. The GIFTS™ training programs that Katalin developed are the most effective way to encourage and empower people to fulfil that potential both personally and professionally. Katalin understands and illuminates people’s strengths and challenges and seeks to reconcile the two. Using integrity, honesty and emotional intelligence, she helps people to make changes in their lives and then go further with a new way of looking at things. Personally, I have benefited greatly from having such a dedicated mentor as Katalin in my life.